JB & Son Excavating

Is a family owned and operated excavation company serving Thurston and Mason County.

Industry Background

Jimmy has almost 20 years of experience. Mostly with residential as well as some commercial. He was born and raised in Olympia, WA

• Driveways

• Building Site Prep

• Drainage

• Land Clearing


Residential: Anywhere from clearing, foundation prep and utilities to shop pads and driveways and all the projects in between. No job too big or small. 
Clearing/ Demolition : prepping the site by removing trees, brush, stumps, large rocks and structures to continue the process for your project. 
Driveways: Do you want to add in a new gravel driveway, have your driveway regraded or have your concrete removed and prepped for a new concrete slab to be poured.
Drainage: Reroute your run off to relieve the water in your crawl space or standing water in your yard.

Service Area

Currently, we service a 50 mile radius from our location, including Thurston and Mason Counties.


Here are some of the most common questions we hear.

How Do I Prepare For An Excavation Contractor?

A. Do what you can to make the area accessible as possible. If that’s beyond your capabilities, make sure you let the excavating company know ahead of time what obstacles they may face. You should also move anything on the property that will be in the way, if at all possible.

Q. Should Utilities Be Marked Before The Excavation Contractor Comes?

A. We handle calling Dig Safe to mark out the utilities. Any private utilities (dog fences, private electric lines, etc.) should be marked by the homeowner if possible. Communicate with your excavation company ahead of time to determine who will arrange having the utilities marked.

Q. What Are Some Signs I Need a New Septic System?

A. Some red flags are worse than others. For instance, you may just have slow drains, but you may also have sewage backing up into your home. Look for bright green grass near the septic tank, smell for bad odor, and listen for gurgling sounds. When in doubt, call in a pro to do an assessment.

Q. Do I Need a Retaining Wall?

A. Aside from enhancing the visual aesthetics of your yard, retaining walls can serve a number of purposes. The purpose is to hold back, or retain, soil and that’s most commonly doe to either manage water runoff or provide usable land. It can also be used for preventing soil erosion.


Comments from some of our customers.

Testimonial 1

Awesome Work!

JB & Son did an outstanding job on my driveway, he is a true professional at his craft!

– Rogelio H

Testimonial 2

Just what I needed

Jimmy knew just what I needed, he was able to solve my drainage problem quickly and made it look easy. Thanks JB & Son! 

– Bob C

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